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My Favorite Sites

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Everyone has favorite sites. A couple of mine are listed here.

# Lies, lies, and more lies. But funny lies all the same! The mock news sight is great for pranking people. Ultimate to do website. Win big on prizes! Not going to explain this. Just try it. This is how I found most of the sites on this list! Rate something funny or lame. And we all love to be critical.


I’ll add more to this later.



A Real Happy Meal

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When I say “Happy Meal”, you’re thinking burger and fries with a toy. But I’m talking about a real Happy Meal. Food scientifically proven to make you smile, like oranges. The Vitamin C in this citrus stables your stress hormones. So does oatmeal. And believe it or not, chili peppers! The heat from it is registered as pain, so it speeds up your blood flow, increasing pleasure hormones. Too hyper for a snooze? Turkey has long since been fabled as a sleep inducer, but for a healthier alternative, try bananas.  They contain the same chemical, trytophan. You knew java increased endurance, but you didn’t know chocolate milk strengthens and repairs muscles. It sounds a little unorthodox, but if you pull a muscle, drink chocolate milk!

Can You Censor The Constitution?

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We the people…freedom of speech, of press, pursuit of happiness, but not internet? Just because the founding fathers weren’t tech-savvy enough to throw web privileges in there doesn’t mean that government officials should be permitted to control that! Government Officials want to cut down piracy, but at dear cost. Allowing them to do that would mean have our personal browser history monitored. It would mean letting someone else decide if our Facebook status is OK. It means death to internet freedom. So I say, let the world wide web be uncensored, wild and free! If you agree, let me know in the comments or turn your blog black. Black like wiki, black like google, and black like the ink of the constitution that insures freedom.